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To the Winners Circle Please!

HighPointAmateurHntMLECOctober 5, 2012

Patrice Urban and Cousteaux awarded top honors at the Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center!!

The MAFFITT LAKE EQUESTRIAN CENTER (MLEC) in Des Moines, IA offered up several top rider bonuses for those that competed at their shows throughout the season.  A $1500 bonus was awarded to the top Professional Jumper Rider, Professional Hunter Rider, Amateur Jumper Rider, Amateur Hunter Rider, Junior Jumper Rider, and Junior Hunter Rider. 

Quail Run Horse Centre's own Patrice Urban, along with her wonderful Amateur/Owner Hunter Cousteaux, rode very well throughout the season and were awarded the $1500 prize for the High Point Amateur Hunter Rider.  This included a top placing in the Hunter Derby held during the May shows at MLEC.  CONGRATULATIONS Patrice!!!

Astro Boy continues to perform very well!

Tom Urban's Astro Boy has really come along this season!  Astro started this year with excellent results and he has gone on to do nothing but impress.  Placing 3rd and 2nd, respectively, in his first two Grand Prixs held at the St. Louis Winter Festival held in Lake St. Louis, MO he then went on to win the $15,000 Midstates Spring Grand Prix.  Quite impressive for his 3rd Grand Prix start.  Later in the season Astro Boy and rider Dan Urban stepped up to compete in the National Standard Grand Prixs held at the Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center.  In their first $25,000 class Dan and Astro piloted around a challenging but fair course and came away with just one knock down and a 7th place finish.  The pair could not be happier for such a placing in what was the biggest track the horse had yet seen.  After completing this class Astro Boy made his way on to the USEF ranking list for $25,000+ Grand Prixs!! 

Just this Fall the pair returned to MLEC to compete in the next two $25,000 Grand Prixs.  At the Madison County Fall Classic held September 19-23, 2012, Astro again put down an excellent effort.  Jumping clean over the course with the exception of the liverpool which Astro seemed to peek at a little bit.  With the 4 fault finish the pair ended up with another 7th place finish. 

The following week at the Madison County Fall Challenge, Astro and Dan again put forth an excellent effort coming away with 4 faults yet again, but this time coming out of a long combination.  The pair weren't the only ones to find trouble at that element during the class.  This time Dan picked up the pace after having the rail and ended up being the 2nd fastest 4 faulter and placed 10th.  It will be interesting to see where Astro ends up on the ranking list after these competitions have posted! 

Keep up the good work!

ChloeSoloMLECfall12Ridin' and Drivin'!

The Madison County Fall Challenge horse show at the MLEC had a very entertaining competition.  They held a class called a "Ride and Drive".  It is run like a speed class where the time begins as a horse/rider combination completes a portion of a course, and then the second half of the course is completed by a person driving a golf cart through a course of cones.  It sounds simple, and may be, but it is highly entertaining. 

Quail Run had two competitors in the competition.  Dannee Risler rode her own ZeZe Money in the class and was assisted by the driving skills of Tom Urban.  The team did fairly well, with only a couple of faults accumulated by knocking the tennis balls of the cones during the driving portion.  The pair ended up 3rd and came away with $100.  The second team was rider Chloe Heng and her fast little mare Dancing Solo.  Chloe and Solo put down a blazing fast time in the riding portion and finished with an incredible dismount!  Chloe contracted the driving skills of Tom Urban as well, but this time Tom was turning just a bit early coming out of the cones and accumulated some faults.  The team's fantastic effort gave them a 5th place finish!

Be sure to watch for possible Ride and Drive events at the upcoming horse shows at Quail Run!

GirlsatMLECfall12Adult Amateur Hour!

Joining us this time at the show was a group of wonderful and fun loving amateur ladies. 

  • Fran Noble and her horse Sam came up and and had a blast in the the large Grand Prix ring at MLEC.  The pair were competitive and most of all had fun in the low jumper classes.   
  • Emily Gordon rode Steely Dan in the Adult Amateur hunters and put down some great rounds and gathered some great miles.
  • Natalie Bobier showed here excellent pre-green hunter in the Adult Amateurs showing off his wonderful jump and great gaits.   Keep an eye out for this one, as he is FOR SALE!!

Thanks for joining us at the show ladies!  It was a blast!!


Don't forget about the upcoming Richard Lamb clinic taking place October 13 & 14 at the Quail Run Horse Centre!  This clinic is filling quickly so be sure to sign up with Beth DeLano ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) ASAP!! 


The next PHOENIX EQUESTRIAN CENTER Horse Show will be held October 11-14, 2012.  This is an excellent to get some "A" show experience close to home.  The people are friendly and the atmosphere is laid back.   Please contact a Quail Run instructor if you wish to participate. 

DRESDEN MANOR FARM will be playing host for a clinic with Anne Kursinski.  The clinic will be held October 26-28 at Dresden Manor Farm in Ashland, NE.  If you can, you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to ride with such an excellent horsewoman.  Please contact Kris Killam at (402) 926-1813 to sign up!

Michael Beining will be returning to the Quail Run Horse Centre at the beginning of November for another one of his excellent dressage clinics.  The clinic will be held Nov 2-4, 2012.  Be sure to contact Dan Urban ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) if you are interested. 

Quail Run is proud to announce the return of BUDDY BROWN!!  The renowned course designer, trainer, and Olympian, Buddy Brown will be giving a clinic at Quail Run on November 20 - December 2, 2012.  This clinic will fill quickly so be sure to contact Jim Urban ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) ASAP if you wish to participate.