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The Seasonal Swing

November 12, 2013

The equestrian lifestyle is a non-stop, 24/7, 365 days a year committment.  We seasoned horse men and women are rarely slowed down by the swinging of the seasons.  We work, practice, play, and show rain or shine, and regardless of temperature.  During the End of Summer at Quail Run show, managed by URBAN EQUINE EVENTS we experienced scorching hot temperatures, but not this morning.  This morning the pendulum has swung the other way.  It was a balmy 12 degrees outside this morning at the time this article was composed, and although it is expected, no one is ever really ready to feel how cold it really is.  Of course, this will not stop us hardy equestrians.  We will still show up to the barn to ride, albeit in layers upon layers of clothing.  We will still trudge through the snow and biting wind to fetch our mounts from pasture for those few moments of bliss whlie we are in the saddle.  We still train and compete just the same as we did in the Summer months, but we now do it indoors!

BuddyTeach1As the Seasons Swing Quail Run gears up for some Winter activity.  Coming up at the beginning of December will be another fabulous clinic with Buddy Brown.  I believe this is Buddy's 5th visit to the Quail Run Horse Centre, and we are always excited to host him. 

For all the information on the Buddy Brown clinic, please click here -->  WE'RE BRINGING BUDDY BACK!

Also appearing on the agenda for Quail Run are several returns to the NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTER for the ST. LOUIS WINTER FESTIVAL hosted by QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS.  In fact a few members of the Quail Run team just recently returned from a week of showing in St. Louis with good results.  Quail Run will return to the area from December 11-15, the week following the Buddy Brown clinic, for another excellent week of showing!  If you are at all interested in participating, be sure to let a Quail Run staff member know ASAP! 


Congratulations to Quail Run barn manager Tom Urban and Quail Run professional Dannee Risler on their recent engagement!!  The best of luck to you both!  We love you!



BUDDY BROWN CLINIC - December 6-8, 2013. 

LAKE ST. LOUIS WINTER FESTIVAL - December 11-15, 2013