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Happy Holidays from Quail Run!!

SantasLittleHelperDecember 11, 2013


It has been a great year for everyone at Quail Run.  It has been a year of changes and improvements around the facility, big successes in the show ring, and even a few new horses around the barn!  As the year comes to an end we look back on the great year that we all had, and we at QR want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays as we approach the new year!

Quail Run Holiday Party

Everyone stay tuned for an upcoming Holiday Party!  It is our chance to say THANK YOU to all our boarders and clients for supporting us throughout the year. 

December is a CRAZY month for QR as we had the Buddy Brown clinic at the beginning, a show in St. Louis immediately following the clinic, and then before we know it is Christmans and the New Year.  Due to the hectic schedule we plan on having the holiday party sometime in January. 

BBClinic13_Frozen_CircleTentatively we are thinking January 24th or 26th.  Stay tuned for a final confirmation on the date.

Buddy Brown Clinic

Quail Run was thrilled to host yet another clinic with industry legend Buddy Brown.  Buddy braved the cold from December 6-8, to enlighten all the clinic participants and auditors on his training program and thoughts that have been developed over many years.  He has experimented with countless horses and found a system that really works for him, and all of us are lucky enough to get a glimpse of his genius. 

Buddy worked with 4 completely full groups for 3 days.  The first day was flatwork intensive.  Mr. BBClinic13_Teach1Brown went into great detail of the way in which riders can effectively manipulate the horses balance by using a range of positions.  By doing this one can gain greater control, particularly in the corners, so that horse and rider can not only pilot a course with successfully, but quite efficiently. Day two of the clinic involved some great gymnastic work.  Horse and rider pairs continued the excellent flatwork from Day 1, and then were able to apply it to an exercise that highlighted the how one's position can help to manipulate the way the horse tackles an obstacle.  All of this was an excellent build up for Day 3 where the clinic participants combined some gymnastic work into some tracks that one would encounter on course.

Mr. Brown did an excellent job of explaining his methods in way that applied to each horse and rider's unique situation.  As a result everyone came away from the clinic feeling accomplished, and had a darn good time doing it.  And all of this, despite the frigid temperatures outside.

BBClinic13_RomperBuddy expressed that he has a great time coming to teach this clinic and really enjoys all the participants.  He as already agreed to come back next year.  So be on the lookout for the 6th installment of Quail Run's Buddy Brown clinic at the end of 2014!!

St. Louis Winter Festival Shows

Directly following the conclusion of the Buddy Brown clinic, the Quail Run team loaded up the trailers and headed off to St. Louis to compete at the St. Louis Winter Festival December II Show.  The Winter Festival is excellently managed by QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS and is held at THE NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTER in Lake St. Louis, MO.  8 horses in total made the trip and we are hoping for a very successful week!  This particular show is taking place December 11-15, 2013.  A $25,000 Queenie-LOGO-FINALGrand Prix will be held on December 14, 2013.  Please visit the QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS WEBSITE to watch a LIVE stream of the class. 

The Quail Run team will also be returning to St. Louis for one of these shows in January.  We are likely attending the January 15-19, 2014 show.  This week hosts a USHJA International Hunter Derby that members of the Quail Run team will be participating in.  Be sure to contact a QR professional if you are interested in participating. 

Upcoming Events

St. Louis Winter Festival - Jan I & II

January 8-12, 2014

January 15-19, 2014

St. Louis Winter Festival - Feb I & II

February 5-9, 2014

February 15-19, 2014

There are also several Winter Circuits that will be beginning at the start of the year.  Be sure to contact a QR professional if you might be interested in participating in these circuits.