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Time for a Change

Kristal_and_CaptainThe New Year has always been celebrated as a new beginning.  Recognition of what lies behind us, the hope for what is possible in the future, and the action needed in the present to make those possibilities a reality. 

Quail Run is very excited about the possibilites that have been presented to us in 2011.  Many things have changed for us in the past few months, and we are eager to take advantage of the opportunity to reeavaluate what is possible, and to do what is necessary to make it real.

Early this year we had a shift in management, and although change is hard, the hope it brings can be uplifting.  It is our belief that through a little restructuring we can improve the services we offer our clients.  Our new manager Tom Urban, and his staff, are working hard to ensure that everything around the facility runs smoothly.  This includes care of the horses, safety of the facility, and the overall aesthetics of the property.  Tom's goal is to maintain Quail Run's status as the premier equestrian facility in the Omaha area.

In addition to the facility changes, owners Jim and Patrice Urban thought it wise to change the structure of our services.  Faced with the challenge of keeping up with the economy and the competitive horse market, as well as providing the best quality service to our clients, the Urbans knew it was time for a change.  We really wanted to provide our customers with more options that would enable them to access our services in the most ideal way for their goals and their horses'.  Thus we created the GOLD and BLUE training packages, which can be tailor made to each client's particular needs. 

The above mentioned packages, as well as a completely reconstructed price list went into effect June 1, 2011.  For more information on the above packages and the other services that we offer please view our price list.

We are very excited for what the future holds for Quail Run, and hope that you are too!

Dan Urban