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Quail Run Summer Update!!

July 21, 2014

The last couple of months were brimming with activity for Quail Run.  So much so, that this author is a bit ashamed at how long it took to provide everyone with an update.  My apologies.  And, now for... the update!

Mid States Spring into Summer

Following the success of Quail Run's first outdoor show of the season, "Springtime Sunshine at Quail Run" managed by URBAN EQUINE EVENTS, there was only a brief moment to catch one's breath, before the preparations began for the upcoming shows in Mason City, IA.  Three weeks of competiton were scheduled to take place at the NORTH IOWA EVENTS CENTER under the management of MID STATES HORSE SHOWS.  It was the second year of the new management of these shows, and Quail Run was there in full force.  12 horses came along with us to North Iowa for 3 weeks of lovely weather and friendly competition. 

No seriously, incredible weather!

The shows proved to be excellent for the QR horses and riders with so many success stories!  Probably the most impressive of all would be Dannee Risler's win in the $15,000 Mid States Grand Prix during the 3rd week of competition aboard her very own "Kryptonite".  The pair were flawless with a double clear score that no one could best, and it all happened in the pouring rain no less. 



Other highlights from the Mid States series include:

JacquesDanNtlDerbyWinMSHS14Dan Urban and "Cousteaux" winning the $2500 USHJA National Hunter Derby held during the first week.  The pair also placed 2nd in both the $5000 USHJA National Hunter Derby and the $5000 UEE Poise and Brilliance Hunter Classic. 

Chloe Heng and her mount "Motley Blue" came away with a 4th place finish in the $1500 1.25m Low Junior and Amateur Owner Jumper Classic during the first week of competition.  Way to go!!

KC Cordell and her horse "Krokodile Dundee" had a great showing with 5th place finish in the $5000 USHJA National Hunter Derby as well as some good placings moving up to the 1.15m height.

KrokMikaylaUEEPBMSHS14Mikayla Schmidt came up to do some catch riding on KC's "Krokodile" posting an 8th place finish in the $5000 UEE Poise & Brilliance Hunter Classic as well as an excellent WIN in the $1500 1.10m Child & Adult Jumper Classic. 

Taylor Caniglia joined us in Mason City and came away with a Championship in the Limit Equitation aboard "Ariel".

Tasha Lodwig also joined the Quail Run team for these shows and had a nice showing with a 9th place finish the the $5000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. 

All in all it was a wonderful 3 weeks in Mason City, IA!  We can't wait to wrap up the Mid States season by heading back up to North Iowa for the Mid States Fall Show!!!

Divide and Conquer

After the very busy 3 weeks of Mid States the Quail Run crew only had a few weeks to regroup before hitting the road again.  This time, the QR team divided forces sending competitors to two separate locations.  Jim, Patrice and Dan took 6 horses and clients to the Summer in the Rockies series managed by Pat Boyle and SHOWPLACE PRODUCTIONS.  While Dannee and Hannah DeLano headed up North to Traverse City, Michigan for the incredible HORSE SHOWS BY THE BAY series. 

At the COLORADO HORSE PARK the QR horses and riders were great!  Patrice Urban's "Cousteaux" had a great first week with a 2nd place finish in the $1,000 Open Hunter Classic.  Jacques also had a nice first round in the $40,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, but it came along with some bad luck in the form of a rail. 


Tom Urban's "Astro Boy" made a strong return to the show ring with a WIN in a 1.20m Speed Class, a WIN in a 1.10m Speed Class, and finished up 3rd in a 1.30m Class.

Dan Urban's "Colonel Crusher" made huge progress by stepping up to the 1.40m height.

Grace Mortenson and her horse "Second Wind" had a nice showing with CHAMPIONSHIP in the 1.15m Jumpers!

Julia Arechavaleta joined us at her first ever USEF Premier "AA" rated horse show.  The first week she competed, for the first time, in the 3'3" Junior Hunter Division and ended up very respectable.  During the second week the pair switched over to the jumper ring and finished wonderfully with a clean and fast round in the Low Children's Jumpers.  Way to go Julia!!

KC Cordell and her horse "Krokodile" had an EXCELLENT first week.  The pair came home with 2 BLUE RIBBONS in the $1500 WIHS Adult Jumper Classic and the $1500 M&S Adult Jumper Classic!!  During the second week KC and "Krok" moved up to the 1.20m Modified Jr/AO division and laid down some very respectable rounds!!  Well done KC!!

Meanwhile in Traverse City, MI the girls were showing great and having a great time!



Hannah DeLano and her mount "VDL Byacinthe" were on a mission to experience some big tracks and stiff competition in preparation for the upcoming North American Young Rider's Championships.  I believe they accomplished that goal.  The pair consistently competed in the 1.40m High Junior & Amateur/Owner Jumper division, and in good company. 

Aboard her other mount "Lord", Hannah found success in the Equitation ring.  Coming away with a 6th place finish in the Platinum Performance USET Talent Search competition.  Way to be!

Trainer Dannee Risler had her horse along for the ride as well.  They can be seen in perfect form below.


After two weeks in Michigan, Dannee and Hannah were on to their next leg of the trip; THE KENTUCKY HORSE PARK and the NORTH AMERICAN YOUNG RIDERS CHAMPIONSHIPS.


Quail Run in Kentucky

Quail Run was thrilled to have a student this year represent the United States of America as a member of the Zone 6 North Amercian Junior Rider's Championship team!! In fact the whole of Zone 6 was proud to once again  have a team going to this prestigous event.  Three young ladies had qualified their horses for this honor, and one of them was our own Hannah DeLano and her mare "VDL Byachinthe"!

In the end there would by just 2 representatives from Zone 6 as some complications arose for the 3rd.  They were Hannah DeLano and Emily Sheveland. 


The first round of the competition is an Individual Qualifying Round and is scored under the Table III format.  This is a speed class in which jumping faults are converted into time faults.  Both Zone 6 representatives did well this day.  Hannah and "B" rode well around the track and  had just one rail, that placed about the middle of the pack after the first round.  Emily then posted an excellent trip that was both clean and fast, leaving her 4th individually after the first round. 

After the 1st Individual Qualifier, the girls from Zone 6 were paired up with a few riders from Zone 8 to make a complete team for the next days Team competition.  The team competition is a two round event.  The first of which also counts as the Second Individual Qualifiier class.  In the first round of team competition Megan Mac Pherson of Zone 8 was the lead off rider and she posted a clear score.  Next up was Emily Sheveland with 8 faults.  Hannah came in next with "B" and rode beautifully over the jumps, but ran into some trouble at the water obstacle and the pair were eliminated.  The achor rider for the team was Kelli Cruciotti of Zone 8, and she closed out round one with a score of 4 faults. 

Coming back in for round 2 of team competion we find Megan Mac Pherson and her mount "Deep Snow" with just 4 faults in the second round.  Emily Sheveland and "Lyla" returned to post a 4 fault score.  Hannah and "Byacinthe" again easily soared over many obstacles but their luck had not improved at the water element and were once again eliminated.  Achor rider Kelli Cruciotti returned and rode to an impressive fault free round.  In team competition the lowest scores from each round are dropped.  With Hannah's rounds serving as the drop score in both cases the combined Zones 6/8 team finsished up in 4th place!!  Quite an impressive feat!

Quail Run is very proud of Zone 6 and especially of Hannah and "B"!!!  CONGRATULATIONS AND JOB WELL DONE!!!  It is a very impressive feat to get to Young Riders!!



Action on the Homefront

While all this excitement was going on in Mason City, IA, Parker, CO, Traverse City, MI, and Lexington, KY, there was a lot of action going on at home!  Angie stayed home to work with some of the clients and horses that remained at Quail Run, but she also ran the two  Quail Run Summer Camps!!  Many eager new equestrians were on hand to experience some riding, horsemanship, and a whole lot of fun!





Looks like QR camp was a huge success!!  Toby; what a saint!!

Upcoming Events

There are several more exciting events coming up for Quail Run here in the near future. Check it out:


Quail Run Rider will Grace Mortenson and her horse "Second Wind" will be traveling to the MAFFIT LAKE EQUESTRIAN CENTER from July30 - August 3, 2014 for the 2nd annual Children's Adult Jumper Championships.  This is Grace and "Romper's" second experience of this event.  Last year it was held in Oklahoma City during the GO Show!. 

This week is also the first week of regular Hunter/Jumper competition at MLEC.  These USEF Premier "AA" rated shows are hosted by Hott Horse Shows. 



Quail Run is very excited to get the chance to return to the Kentucky Horse Park for a second time this year.  This time it will be Dan Urban and "Cousteaux" that are heading to the beautiful horse park for the USHJA INTERNATIONAL HUNTER DERBY CHAMPIONSHIP.  This will be taking place on August 14-16, 2014.  Good Luck Quail Run!



The fabulous URBAN EQUINE EVENTS are returning to the Quail Run Horse Centre!  The End of Summer at Quail Run show will take place Aug 27-31, 2014 and will be followed the next week by the Indian Summer in Elkhorn held September 3-7, 2014. 




Immediately following the conclusion of the UEE shows held at Quail Run, the QR team will pack up and head north to Mason City, IA for the conclusion the the MID STATES HORSE SHOWS series.  The Mid States Fall Show will take place September 10-14, 2014 at the NORTH IOWA EVENTS CENTER 



SHOWS at Quail Run and Success in the Sun

March 25, 2014

SpringPrizeListCoverUpcoming Shows at Quail Run

The Quail Run Horse Centre is very excited to play host to several upcoming horse shows managed by URBAN EQUINE EVENTS

The first of these shows is Quail Run's Omaha Jumper Preview - April 4-6, 2014.

Come join us for an excellent weekend of some Jumper action at Quail Run.  This USEF Jumper Rating 2 show is an excellent opportunity to ride over quality courses in fantastic footing.  This is particulary advatageous for those who are competing in THE INTERNATIONAL OMAHA the following week at the Century Link Center.

Just one week later is the second UEE show hosted by Quail Run.  Quail Run's Indoor Hunter Days - April 16-19, 2014.

With all the Jumper action in Omaha it's time to give those Hunter's some attention.  Join as at Quail Run for the USEF National Rated A Hunters only show!  This is the perfect opportunity to shake the rust off and get back in the ring before the outdoor season is in full swing.

NEWS: NEW DATES FOR THE HUNTER SHOW!!!   Due to popular request, we have slighlty moved the dates for the Hunter Show.  We shifted the start of the show from THURSDAY APRIL 17th to WEDNESDAY APRIL 16th so that the show DOES NOT take place on Easter Sunday!!!

Then not long after the Hunter show Quail Run hosts UEE's first outdoor show of the season.  Springtime Sunshine at Quail Run - May 1-4, 2014.

Come check out the progress at Quail Run's new outdoor facility.  It is a USEF Regional I Rated B show with a Jumper 2 rating.  It should prove to be a great Spring show week to kick off the outdoor season!


Southern Sunshine

PinOakwk1ribbonsThe Quail Run show team is currently in Katy, TX at the PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW. So far it has been an excellent time showing down here at THE GREAT SOUTHWEST EQUESTRIAN CENTER.  The team consists of the following horse rider combinations:

Paige Bergholz and "Conola"

Hannah DeLano and her horses "VDL Byacinthe" and "Lord"

Chloe Heng and "Motley Blue"

Danielle Risler and "Kryptonite"

Dan Urban and "Colonel Crusher"

Patrice Urban and "Cousteaux"

JacquesReserveChampPinOakEach horse and rider have found some success in the show ring.  Some highlights are:

  • Paige and "Conola" having a very smooth ride in the High AA Classic last Sunday
  • Chloe Heng performing quite well in both the Children's Jumpers and the Modified Junior/Amateur Owner Jumpers.  This includes a top 12 finish in the High Child Classic last Sunday. 
  • Hannah DeLano had a 3rd place finish in the $5000 Low Junior Jumper Classic aboard "Byacinthe".  Planning to move up to the 1.40m this week.  
  • Dannee Risler and "Kryptonite" found an 8th place finish in the $5000 1.45m Speed Stake. 
  • Dan Urban and "Colonel Crusher" gained some valuable miles moving up to the 1.35m height
  • Patrice Urban and "Cousteaux" rode to a Reserve Championship in the 3'6" Amateur Owner Hunters
  • "Cousteaux's" success continued with Dan Urban in the $10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby.  The pair rode to an 8th place finish. 

Week two of action began Tuesday march 25th down here in Katy, TX.  Stay tuned for more results!



Wishing for Warmer Weather... but horse showing anyway!

February 10, 2014

St. Louis Bound on the Morrow

Tomorrow morning a group of Quail Run horses will be headed back towards the St. Louis area to participate in another one of QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS excellent horse shows.  The St. Louis Winter Festival VI will take place at THE NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN center in Lake St. Louis, MO on February 12 - 16, 2014.  GOOD LUCK, to Grace Mortenson and her horse "Second Wind", and to Hannah DeLano with her new mounts "Byacinthe" and "Lord". 

Previous Success Stories

DanBuddyBrownSTLDerby14This return trip to St. Louis comes after a highly successful showing at the St. Louis Winter Festival V show that was held January 15 - 19, 2014.  At this show Quail Run riders Chloe Heng and Grace Mortenson had an excellent time.  Grace jumped some excellent fences in the Children's Adult Jumpers and both horse and rider gained valuable experience doing it!  Meanwhile, Chloe Heng, and her relatively new horse "Motley Blue", piloted there way over some Children's Adult rounds as well as moving up to the Modified Jr/AO jumpers.  The pair finished quite strongly, and much fun was had by all. 

However, this time is was the professional's turn to shine.  After a bit of a rocky start Dan Urban and Patrice Urban's "Cousteaux" found some hard earned success in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. The pair were fairly early in the class and went in and laid down a good first round.  The two scores received were 80 and 81, plus 2 points for the high options, resulting in a first round score of 163.  Jacques got a bit of a breather as Dan stayed up at the ring to watch the rest of the competitors.  As the first round came to a close Dan and Cousteaux found themselves sitting in 3rd place! 

The ususal 12 horses were called back for the handy round in the class.  Jacques and Dan came back with a good plan and laid down a decent handy round as well.  Only a few minor stumbles held them back and placed them 4th in the handy round.  However, combined with the first round score, this was enough to secure the horse and rider combination a FOURTH PLACE FINISH OVERALL!!  It was a fun night with a fabulous horse. 

DanneeKypGPSTL14cropThe success continued the following night as Quail Run professional Dannee Risler geared up for the Grand Prix.  Dannee and her horse "Kryptonite" have consistently beed doing well in the Open Jumper division, and the pair seemed particularly game on this night.  Course designer Buddy Brown of CA designed a technical but flowing track that changed the field of 17 riders.  Dannee and Kyp entered the ring with some final words of encouragement, "Trust his scope..".  And trust his scope she did.  Dannee and Kyp rhythmically conquered the course with the only mistake coming at element B of the triple combination. 

The 4 fault effort was an excellent ride, and the pair finished the night in 12th place.  We can't wait to see them in action again!

Upcoming Events


Coming up in March the Quail Run team will head due South for warmer weather and good horse showing.  QR will be headed to Katy, TX and THE GREAT SOUTHWEST EQUESTRIAN CENTER for the PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW to be held March 19 - 31, 2014.  This is a high quality show, and many QR riders have already signed up to go.  If you have any interest, be sure to contact a Quail Run professional today!  Entries close March 3, 2014.


Immediately following the shows in Texas, the QR team will return home, and the facility will play host to URBAN EQUINE EVENTS horse show Quail Run's Omaha Jumper Preview.  This indoor, Jumpers only show, will take place April 4 - 6, 2014 inside the fabulous indoor ring at QR.  It is an excellent opportunity to come out and have fun jumping over quality courses, or to get yourself prepared for THE INTERNATIONAL OMAHA which will be held the following week. 

international_logoTHE INTERNATIONAL OMAHA will be making a return to Omaha's Century Link center for 2014.  This high caliber competition will be held April 11 & 12, 2014.  Come join the QR crew at this exciting event!  You might even see some of our jumps!!  Tickets are required for the evening performances. 

UEElogoWithWordsFor all those Hunter enthusiasts who have to deal with 2 weeks of Jumpers only shows in Omaha, will be happy to attend URBAN EQUINE EVENTS horse show Quail Run's Indoor Hunter Days.  This indoor, Hunter's only show, will take place April 17 - 20, 2014.  It is a wonderful opportunity to come enjoy showing your hunter over nice jumps and good courses, or to shake off the rust for the upcoming outdoor season.  SNEAK PEEK: The judge for this show will be BOBBY DREYER!!!

Who is ready for some outdoor showing?  Well you will get your chance if you attend URBAN EQUINE EVENTS Springtime Sunshine at Quail Run show!  This show takes place over a new date for the Quail Run venue.  This 5 day Hunter/Jumper show will take place April 30 - May 4, 2014 in QR's beautiful new outdoor rings. 


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