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Quail Run Holiday Party and Upcoming Events

February 2, 2012


Quail Run's Annual Holiday Party

Amidst all the wonderful, unseasonal weather that has been this Nebraska winter, clients and friends of Quail Run Horse Centre gathered Saturday evening (Jan 28, 2012) at the Heartland Cafe in historic downtown Elkhorn to celebrate another year of "goings-on" at Quail Run.  Jim, Patrice, and the rest of the staff hold this holiday party every year, after the actual holidays have calmed down a bit, to celebrate their faithful clients.  For any small business, the customers are the most important thing, and this is Quail's way of showing their immense appreciation. 

It was an evening filled with cocktails, delicious food, good company, and great conversation!  A chance to share stories of the past year and to bring the whole group together to strengthen the Quail Run team.  Speaking on behalf of the staff, this makes us very proud!

DanneePatrice_QRpartyAs a token of appreciation, Jim and Patrice supply everyone with a gift.  This year everyone received brand new saddle pads monogrammed with "Quail Run" on one side and their horses name on the other.  The very next day Dan already saw people using them!  Those kind of things bring a smile to our faces. 

I hope everyone had as much fun as we, the staff, did!!


The Quail Run team is gearing up to head to Lake St. Louis, MO next week (February 6-12, 2012) for the St. Louis Winter Festival VI hosted by Queenie Productions.  John McQueen and his staff always put on a good show, and Quail Run is excited to return.  This time the team will include:

Dan Urban:                              Astro Boy
                                              Colonel Crusher

Dannee Risler-Charlesworth:     Whirlwind

Hannah DeLano:                      Venti
                                               Ioupi des Cerisy

Good Luck everyone!!

The Dressage with Michael Beining clinic is also fast approaching.  This will take place from February 16-20, 2012.  Quail Run is excited to bring Michael's expertise back to the area.  Beining has worked with some of the top professionals in the world and spent a great number of years in the very heart of the German dressage community.  Riding under such an educated and knowledgeable eye can really bring out some results with your horses.  There are still a few slots available!! Be sure to contact Dan ASAP if you have any interest in participating.  Auditing is always free!!

Dan: (619) 820-3802.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

THANKS AGAIN to all our wonderful boarders and clients!!  Without you all, none of what we do would be worth it!



Bobby, Buddy, and Bjorn! Oh My!!

The ever approaching winter season has done little to curb the amount of activity taking place at Quail Run.  In addition to the normal traffic of our regular clients and their horses we have construction workers, more specifically roofers, making their presence known as they make much needed repairs and improvements to our facility, as well as all the additional traffic that hosting quality clinics creates. 

BobbyTeach2So far this year we have run two fantastic clinics and we have another one fast approaching.

On November 11-13. 2011 Bobby Dreyer visited Quail Run and put on an excellent Hunter/Jumper clinic.  It was three days of gaining confidence and excellent experience over more colorful obstacles and courses.  Bobby is so laid back and positive it is almost impossible not to have a great time!  The clinic took place over 3 beautiful days in a continuation of what has been an excellent Nebraska Autumn.  With the great weather and enough riders to fill 4 excellent groups each day, it truly was an ideal clinic scenario. 

Pictured on the right is Bobby Dreyer in mid instruction.

ElaineCody1_-_Bobby_Dreyer_2011Here we have Elaine Wilwerding aboard her own Cody, soaring over a jump in the clinic. 


On the right is Tiger with owner Gita Deonarain in the irons.

BuddyTeach1A little less than a month later we were visited by Olympic veteran Buddy Brown.  On December 2-4, 2011 Buddy gave an excellent Show Jumping clinic at Quail Run.  Buddy is a horseman who has been there and done that, and loves to come in and teach a clinic illustrating what is necessary to get the best jump out of your horse for competition.  Buddy teaches a clinic that gets the riders to use their position and balance to influence the horses energy and balance to bring out the most athletic jump possible.  His way of teaching is an excellent blend of classical training and equitation mixed with the right amount of "git 'r done".  This was Buddy's 3rd consecutive year at Quail Run, and with as much fun as we have, we hope to have him back for a 4th. 


Buddy Brown and the Quail Run staff.
From left to right:  Kelly Parisi, Buddy Brown, Dannee Charlesworth, Jim Urban, and Dan Urban

QRMediaDuring both the Bobby Dreyer and Buddy Brown clinics Quail Run had the opportunity to participate in a special event.  Coming to Omaha's Century Link center in April of 2012 is a major horse sport event called The InternationalThe International is an amazing event for the Omaha horse community as it promises to bring in big names in the industry as well as sufficient exposure to the non horse people in the area.  The horse show is being managed by Queenie Productions and Buddy Brown will be the course designer. To promote this event two separate media crews came out to Quail Run to see first hand what show jumping was all about. 

During the clinics, several reporters came out to watch professionals Dan Urban and Dannee Charlesworth do a riding demo.  Dan was aboard Astro Boy and Dannee was aboard Hannah DeLano's Venti.  After watching the pros make it look easy, the media got a chance to experience riding for themselves.  Dan, Dannee, and trainer Kelly Parisi each taught a lesson to the willing participants in what was dubbed "Riding 101".  It truly was a great way to show off that riding is a lot harder than it looks.



BjornIkastComing up on January 13-15, 2012 we will be having another clinic, this this time it will be with excellent horseman Bjorn Ikast.  We originally had Bjorn scheduled for October, but plans had to change and we now have the rescheduled clinic planned for January.  Bjorn is originally from Denmark but has relocated to the United States.  He travels to major competitions with his excellent horses and loving family.  Bjorn's focus is getting the horse to work for the rider, and getting the rider to relax and stay out of the horse's way.  This is a clinic you will not want to miss. 

For more information on the Bjorn Ikast clinic, or to express your interest in participating, please contact Dan Urban at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Thanks!

Summer in the Rockies

QR_tentThe fourth of July is a wondrous holiday.  A day of where the whole nation collectively celebrates the "birth" of this glorious country by grilling out, drinking beer, spending quality, and in many cases much needed time, with family and friends, and of course blowing things up.  I couldn't imagine anything better.  The honest truth is that as fantastic as these things are, nothing is more beautiful that the patriotism for which these things stand. 

This year Quail Run spent the holiday travelling to the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, CO, for a series of horse shows put on by Showplace Productions and although it wasn't the most traditional way to spend Independence Day, it was certainly American.  A chance to travel freely from state to state, with our horses, and gather in mass to compete and have none other than what you could describe as a great time!

The Quail Run team did have a great time, and also had a very successful week!

Patrice Urban aboard her own Cousteaux jogged 2nd and 3rd one day in the Amateur Owner hunters, and ended up placing 6th overall in the A/O classic.  Patrice and "Jacques" have really started to click in the last few shows, and this author is excited to see what happens in the coming weeks. 

Kelly_on_the_railTaylor Funk-Schaber joined the Quail Run team for the summer visiting her aunt, professional rider Dannee Risler-Charlesworth.  Aside from being great help and good company, Taylor had the pleasure of piloting Indian Summer around some of the courses at the Colorado Horse Park, and quite well I might add.  While having a blast, Taylor placed 7th in a good sized class of .85m jumpers. 

Also joining us for the first time was Katelyn Petersen and her horse I'm A Natural Starlet.  Katelyn and "Starlet" had a great time jumping around in the Low Hunter and Children's Hunter division.  The team placed 6th and 8th in a few of the classes.  Good job Katelyn, it was a pleasure having you at the show with us!

It was great to see that Mia Cherp could join us in Colorado!  Flying all the way in from Idaho, Mia came to have some fun in the Rockies riding Dolce Vita.  Mia and "Deuce" had many successful moments, including their 2nd place finish in the Low Adult Jumpers.  Congrats and good luck to you and yours Mia!

Hannah DeLano always brings a smile to the horse show, and also had a good week aboard her new mount Venti.  The pair placed 4th in a 1.10m class, and most importantly placed 6th in the USEF Hunt Seat Medal!  They also had a great round in the $2500 NAL Children's Jumper Classic.  Great job Hannah!!

QR_crewKatie DeLano also had an excellent week!  Aboard her new mount Ioupi des Cerisy, owned by Rachel McCormick, Katie polished her skills in the Low Junior Jumper ring.  Only their second horse show at this height, Katie and Ioupi are starting to rock! Riding well all week, Katie finished up with a great ride, catching only one rail in the $5000 Low Junior/Amateur Owner Classic!  On her other mount Genuine, Katie found top placings in the Children's Jumper division.  Most impressively placing 3rdin the $2500 NAL Children's Jumper Classic!  Excellent job Katie, keep it up!!  In addition to her great riding, Katie is an invaluable asset in the barn.  Katie is always willing to lend a hand, and help with any and all of the barn responsibilites.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated!! Thank you Katie!!

Speaking of help, a HUGE thank you to Kelly Parisi for joining us here in Colorado.  You are an immense help, and always a pleasure to have around the barn.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Quail Run's Dolce Vita also had show ring success with rider Dannee Risler-Charlesworth.  Dannee piloted Deuce to a win in a large class of 1.10m Jumpers! Dannee's success didn't stop there.  She jogged 3rd and 5th, a good day in the hunter ring, in the exciting new High Performance Hunter division.  Perhaps the crown jewel on Dannee's week was the spectacular win in 1.15m Speed class. 
Check out her excellent ride: Jenna 1.15m Speed Class. 

Jacques_jump1Professional rider Dan Urban had a respectable week aboard his mounts.  Working her way back up to the big times is Wish Me Well.  "Willa" and Dan gained great experience in the ring getting back in tune for the bigger jumps.  7 year old Private Prospect was gaining valuable experience as well.  Gaining mileage and figuring out his jumping style, "Keaton" and Dan were double clear and 5th in the 1.25m jumpers!

From bonfires to blue ribbons, this first week here in Colorado was spectacular!  Every person on the Quail Run team found success at some point this week, and that's enough to bring us back!  I'm certainly looking forward to what the next week will bring!


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