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Hey its Fall! Here's Some Upcoming Activities

October 28, 2015

TomsFallSunset10.28.15Photo: Tom Urban


Happy Fall!


It certainly has been a beautiful Autumn here in Nebraska.  This October had unseasonably warm weather, and we have all been able to take advantage of it by continuing to ride outside!  But, as the temperatures begin to drop down and we continue to lose precious minutes of daylight, here are some ideas for indoor activities that might cheer you up as you ponder the inevitabitlity of winter.  


Queenie LOGO FINALLake St. Louis Hunter/Jumper Horse Show -  November 5 - 9, 2015

Part of the Quail Run crew will be returning to THE NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTER for another of those excellent shows hosted by QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS.  Professional Dannee Urban will be taking a few horses and clients down to this show!  We wish them luck!!



North Hills Hunt - Junior Hunt - November 7, 2015

The North Hills Hunt, our favorite local hunting organization, hosts their annual Junior Hunt on Saturday November 7, 2015!  Be sure to contact Jim Urban ASAP if you are interested in participating so that we can arrange shipping.  Jim: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 402-630-3368.

Also, SAVE THE DATE, for the North Hills Hunt Annual Hunt Ball - February 20, 2016 at the Embassy Suites Downtown.



NickGraceKeatonA Clinic with Nick Novak - November 14 - 15, 2015

Quail Run is pleased to announce the return of Nick Novak for another clinic.  Nick's clinics are always informative, laid back, and most importantly fun!  Be sure to contact a Quail Run professional if you are interested in participating.  Of you can follow this link to access the clinic flyer and entry form: http://quailrunhorsecentre.com/more-about-us/all-the-quail-run-highlights/167



DanneeKypMDP BB2014A Clinic with Buddy Brown - December 4 - 6, 2015

The living legend himself is returning to Quail Run for his 6th year of clinics!  You don't want to miss this opportunity to ride with one of the industry's most accomplished individuals. Be sure to contact a Quail Run professional if you are interested in participating.  Of you can follow this link to access the clinic flyer and entry form: http://quailrunhorsecentre.com/more-about-us/all-the-quail-run-highlights/167 



GroupShotOfficialFEBSTL15Lake St. Louis Winter Festival II - December 9 - 13, 2015

After getting a great tune up from Buddy Brown, the Quail Run team will pack up and head to St. Louis for another great QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS show!  These shows are always well attended, competitive, and fun!  Be sure to contact a Quail Run professional ASAP if you are interested in participating as entries close soon!  




Stay tuned for more upcoming activities soon!







2015 thus far!

July 21, 2015

2015 is flying by!  Here is a look back at what QR has accomplished so far!

A Nick Novak Clinic

NickGraceKeaton20150104 124029

Quail Run brought in the New Year Hunter/Jumper style, by jumping right into a clinic with Minnesota trainer Nick Novak.  Nick is a highly successful trainer from the Minnesota area.  He resume is packed with several Grand Prix wins, as well as top placings from his students which include "Indoors" and Medal Finals.  We at Quail Run were thrilled to have him back from Jan 2-4, 2015. 

During the three days of the clinic riders were exposed to top quality flatwork, and jumping exercises that were expanded day by day to bring out the best in each horse/rider combination over a full course scenario. 


A Trip Back to St. Louis

GroupShotOfficialFEBSTL15In February, part of the Quail Run tteam returned to the National Equestrian Center located in Lake St. Louis, MO for another go and those fabulous shows hosted by Queenie Productions!   The riders. which included Hannah DeLano, Kari Fossum, Chloe Heng, Grace Mortenson, Elaine Wilwerding, and Margaret Block, all found  valuable moments aboard the mounts wile under the direction of Quail Run professional Dannee Urban. 

Hannah DeLano found the ribbons aboard her horse Lord in the 1.30m Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Divisoin, as well as taking a crack at the $2500 Welcome Stake.

Kari Fossum was a triple threat at the show by competing in hunters, jumpers, and equitation aboard her own Dancing Solo.  The pair placed repeatedly in the Children's Hunters, made the awards in a Novice/Rider jumper class, performed well in the Children's Equitation division, and crowned the show with a 2nd place finish in THIS National Children's Medal. 

Chloe Heng had a great show with her own Motley Blue.  This team won a 1.30 Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Class, competed in the $2500 Welcome Stake, and came away with the 8th place award in the $7500 Open Jumper Classic!  Congratulations Chloe!

Grace Mortenson and her Trakehner gelding Second Wind competed in and placed in the Low and High Children's/Adult Jumper Division.  The star of their show was the 6th place finish in the 1.15m $1500 Child/Adult Jumper Classic!  Great finish Grace!

ChloeOpenClassicPoseFEBSTL15Elaine Wilwerding attended her first show with her new horse William James.  Although, Elaine had to leave the show early for other commitments, they had fun and gained experience in the Modified Child/Adult Hunter divisions. 

Will found success in the show ring with professional Dannee Urban with a win in 3'3" Performance Handy Class which awarded Dannee the Equus Best Performance by a Professional award!  Well done!

Margaret Block joined the crew to support her horse Aldo Rey that was ridden by Dannee Urban to several placing in the 3'3" Performance division as well as competing in the USHJA National Hunter Derby.  

Well done to all those who represented Quail Run so well on the road in St. Louis!  Congratulations everyone!





















A Swing Through the Southern States

NightRidersAt the start of March part of the Quail Run crew loaded up the horses in the trailer and hit the road for a midnight drive to Gulfport, MS for the Gulf Coast Winter Classic hosted by the Classic Company.  This 6 week winter circuit is held at the Harrison County Fairgrounds on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  Quail Run took horses and riders to compete in weeks 5 and 6 of the excellent horse show.

During Week 5 the participants included Dan Urban, Patrice Urban, Jim Urban and Grace Mortenson and the horses Cornelius, Colonel Crusher, Cousteaux, and Second Wind.  The first week saw successes in both the Hunter and Jumper rings that was highlighted by Grace Mortenson's Second Wind who laid down some competitive rounds in the 1.20m jumpers with Dan Urban in the irons, and by Cousteaux and Dan Urban's performance in the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby.  Dan and Jacques braved the brisk temperatures and the beautiful grass Grand Prix field of the Harrison County Fairgrounds for the early morning Derby.  The pair put down a decent first round fairly early in the class that held on for the duration and provided them with an 8th place finish and a chance to return to the handy portion of the class.  Cousteaux loves the handy rounds and was able to put in another quality round which awarded them a 4th place finish in the handy round and a 4th place finish overall!  Placing in this one class qualified the pair for the USHJA International Derby Finals that takes place at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY in August.  

Gulfport Rodeo1When week 6 rolled around, Dan, Jim, Patrice, and Grace were joined by QR trainer Dannee Risler, Hannah DeLano, and Chloe Heng.  They brought with them their horses Kryptonite, Lord, and Motley Blue.  The QR team came ready to ride, but the weather decided to be a bit challenging.  Most of the week saw consistent rain and prevented the eager QR crew from being able to ride on the beautiful grass grand prix field.  Despite the wet conditions, each rider found some success at the show.

Hannah DeLano and Lord placed in several of their 1.30 Low Junior/Amateur Owner classes, and Hannah even rode Dan Urban's Cornelius in the USEF Platinum Performance Talent Search class and placed 4th!

Chloe Heng and Motley Blue ended up with a 6th place finish in the Junior/AO Jumper Classic and a 3rd place finish in the Talent Search class! 

Grace Mortenson had a great week moving up to the 1.20m height with her horse Second Wind.  The pair ended up with an 8th place finish in the 1.20m Jr/AO Jumper Classic!

Patrice Urban took over the reins of Cousteaux this week and collected some nice ribbons in the Amateur Owner Hunters!  

QR professional Dannee Urban found success with her horse Kryptonite in the 1.30m Open Jumpers, and were having a great round in the 1.35m Welcome Classic but jumping a wrong fence unfortunately led them off course.  

Also a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Dannee for the purchase of her new stallion Lafter!!  Good luck for all your future rides!

DanJacques TheChronicleAfter the conclusion of the Gulfport shows, the QR crew packed up and headed West to Houston, TX for the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.  It is always a good time down at The Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, TX.  Much success was found during these two weeks of shows, which included:

Hannah DeLano and Lord claiming a 9th place finish in the 1.30/1.40m Jr A/O jumpers during week 1.  

Katey Kozeny and her mount Izzora took the 3rd place honors in that 1.30/1.40m Jr A/O jumpers during week 1.  The following week Katey found success in a 3rd place finish with her other horse Lord 954.

Cousteaux continued on with success in the Amateur Owner Hunters with owner Patrice Urban that included two 4th place finishes in a extremely competitive division.  Dan and Jacques attempted two more USHJA International Hunter Derbies and found themselves just out of the handy in the first one, and while having a beautiful round the pair caught an unlucky rail in the second derby.  Right photo credit goes to Mollie Bailey and The Chronicle of the Horse: Taken during the High Performance Hunters in Gulfport, MS.


While part of the Quail Run team finished up the last week in Katy, TX, Dannee Urban took some QR peeps due North to the Manitoba, Canada and the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair!  Chloe Heng and Fran Noble joined forces with Dannee for the Canadian excursion.  

 The trip was highlighted by Dannee's WIN in the 1.30m Mini Prix aboard her newly acquired Stallion Lafter.  Congratulations Dannee!

LafterMiniPrix WIN 2015


Home Sweet HOmaha!

After a month on the road, everyone made their way safely back to Quail Run.  The horses settled back in and the trainers and clients returned to their normal routine.  But, the return to normalcy didn't last long...


The International Omaha - 2015


Once again Quail Run was excited to be a part of, and participate in The International Omaha, which took place in downtown Omaha's CenturyLink Center on April 10th and 11th, 2015. HannahKypAfterCourse This year QR was well represented by the following participants:

  • Hannah DeLano - Lord and Kryptonite
  • Katey Kozeny - Izzora 
  • Chloe Heng - Motley Blue
  • Mikayla Schmidt - Private Prospect
  • Paige Bergholz - Conola
  • Grace Mortenson - Second Wind

These two days of competition are action packed, highly competitive, and simply a blast!  We had great stuff from each horse/rider combination and the show easily went down as a success.  Some of the highlights included Katey Kozeny's 3rd place finish in the $10,000 Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic aboard Izzora, and Grace Mortenson claiming 3rd in the $3,000 High Child/Adult Speed Derby, and 5th in the $5,000 High Child/Adult Jumper Classic with her own Second Wind.  




Quail Run's Indoor Hunter Days (Now with Jumpers Too!) - April 16-19, 2015

The very next week following The International, Quail Run played host to the first Urban Equine Events show of the year.  It was Quail Run's Indoor Hunter Days, but this year we added jumpers as well.  There many participants from QR with great success in this show.  Some highlights included Dannee Urban's win in the UEE Poise and Brilliance Hunter Classic with Margaret Block's Aldo Rey.  Dannee also claimed the top position in the UEE Open Jumper Stake aboard her own Lafter.  Check out some of the photos from the show!

Jumper Ring QRIndoor2015Jumpe Ring2 QRIndoor2015LordKSchoolingRing QRIndoor2015PaytonHobbesWIN QRIndoor2015ShowBarbie QRIndoor2015ChillyHunterBreedingQRIndoor2015


Heading North for the Mid States Spring Show - April 29 - May 3, 2015

After a short break following the conclusion of Quail Run's Indoor Hunter Days several members of the QR team headed North to the North Iowa Events Center in Mason City, IA to kick off the Mid States Horse Shows season with their Spring Show!  The weather in North Iowa in the Spring can sometimes be less than cooperative, however, this year it was gorgeous!  Beautiful sunny days, tolerable temperatures, and a nice gathering of good people made for an excellent show environment.  This time the QR team included:

  • DylanLeadlineBarbGP 2015Dan Urban and Crusher
  • Dannee Urban and Kryptonite and Lafter
  • Dannee Urban piloting Motley Blue
  • Kari Fossum and Dancing Solo
  • Taylor Caniglia and Ariel
  • Hannah DeLano and Lord
  • Katey Kozeny and Izzora
  • Lisa Picker and Salto
  • Margaret Block-West and Aldo Rey
  • Quail Run's First in Line
  • Quail Run's Private Prospect


Kari Fossum had a busy and productive week with her own Dancing Solo.  This team took away a 2nd place finish in the INHJA medal and a 6th place finish in the $2500 USHJA National Derby!

Taylor Caniglia and Ariel had a great week that included a win in the INHJA Medal and a win in the Low Child/Adult Jumpers!  

Hannah DeLano and her own Lord had quite a succesful show that included a first place finish in the High Jr/AO jumpers as well as a 2nd place finish in the "Smorgasboard" Jumper Classic!  

Lisa Picker's Salto had a great show with Dan Urban in the irons.  The pair claimed a couple of second place finishes in the 3' Pre-Green Hunters.  Not bad for the young 5 year old hunter!  Salto was also fantastically behaved for Lisa as they competed in the Rusty Stirrup division!  Great job Lisa!!

Margaret Block-West joined us at the show this time with her own Aldo Rey.  The pair came away smiling with a 1st place finish in the INHJA Mini Medal.  Aldo also found success with professional Dannee Urban in the $2500 USHJA National Hunter Derby.  There they claimed the 2nd place position.  



The highligh of the whole show was the $15,000 Barb Ahrens Memorial Grand Prix.  Barb had been a part of Mid States Horse Shows for as long as anyone could remember, and in those years of dedicated service Barb touched so many lives and created lasting memories.  As a tribute to our fallen friend, Mid States held the Spring Grand Prix in her memory.  Throughout the day, and during the class, exhibitors were encouraged to sport their Vikings Purple in Barb's honor.  At the conclusion of the class, we gathered all the participants and staff from the show and took an awesome group picture.  


QR professional Dannee Urban absolutely killed it in the Jumper ring this week.  She claimed the top spot in both the Welcome Stake and the Grand Prix with her horse Kryptonite.

DanneeKypBarbJumpGPWinPhoto DanneeKyp Spring2015

Dannee was also 3rd in the class with her horse Lafter and 6th in the class with Chloe Heng's Motley Blue.  

DanneeTomKypLafter BarbGP SpringMS 2015


Katey Kozeny also had an incredible and very memorable ride in the Memorial Grand Prix.  It was her first ever Grand Prix and she claimed the 2nd place spot with her mare Izzora!!  

KateyIzzy GypsyJump GPSpring 2015KateyIzzy 2ndPlace GPSpring 2015


UEE Springtime Sunshine Show

Hunter Ring SS 2015After the wildly successful Mid States Spring Show, the team returned home for a few weeks break before we picked up the reins again for UEE's first outdoor show of the season.  The outdoor stabling was graded and set up for this show, which certainly made a great experience for those that trailered in to compete.  The footing in the jumper ring was supieror as always, and the hunter ring was beautiful to ride in.  A large number of riders at Quail Run participated in the show, and it seemed like a great time was had by all!  


 ElaineJames SS 2015HannahArington SS 2015

KatieIoupi SS 2015HannahLord SS 2015AngieOz SS 2015

AbbyKristal SS 2015KariSolo UEE PB SS 2015AinsleyMulligan SS 2015

DanCrusherRain SS 2015NatalieCody SS 2015DanneeLafter SS 2015

PiperPaytonNatalieHobbes SS 2015

Thanks to Gail Dwyer and MDP for such awesome photos!  


A special CONGRATULATIONS goes out to:

Dan Urban and Karman DeLuca's Fiorella for claiming the top spot in the UEE Poise & Brilliance Hunter Classic

DanOlea UEE PB Win SS 2015


And to Katey Kozeny and Izzora for taking home the Blue in the UEE Open Jumper Stake

KateyIzzy OpenStake Win SS 2015


What an awesome show for QR !!


Mid States Summer Shows

Without blinking, the Quail Run team wrapped up the week of showing at the home base, and loaded (many) trailers and headed to North to Mason City, IA.  There a HUGE team of riders came up to compete at the Mid States Horse Shows Summer series!  Wow! Say that 5 times fast!  It was 2 weeks of competition and the participant list looked like this:

 Week 1:

Ariel - Taylor Caniglia
Izzora - Katey Kozeny
Dancing Solo - Kari Fossum
Breckenridge - Julia Arechavaleta
Fiorella - Kyla DeLuca
Aldo Rey - Dr. Margaret Block-West
Cordelio - Mikayla Schmidt
Invictus - Sally Peyton
VDL Byacinthe - Dannee Urban
Lord - Dannee Urban
Lord 954 - Dan Urban
Colonel Crusher - Dan Urban
Cousteaux - Dan Urban
Private Prospect - The Girls!
Astro Boy - Dannee/Dan Urban
Champagne Pearl - Dan Urban
TJ - Dan  Urban
Kryptonite - Dannee Urban
Lafter - Dannee Urban
First In Line - Dannee Urban
Motley Blue - Dannee Urban

 Week 2:

Ariel - Taylor Caniglia
Izzora - Katey Kozeny
Lord 954 - Katey Kozeny
Dancing Solo - Kari Fossum
Breckenridge - Julia Arechavaleta
Fiorella - Kyla DeLuca
Aldo Rey - Dr. Margaret Block-West
Cordelio - Mikayla Schmidt
Mr. Al Capone - Tasha Lodwig
Motley Blue - Chloe Heng
Conola - Paige Bergholz
Dolce Vita - Nicole Hasstedt
VDL Byacinthe - Dannee Urban
Lord - Dannee Urban
Kryptonite - Dannee Urban
Lafter - Dannee Urban
First In Line - Dannee Urban
Colonel Crusher - Dan Urban
Cousteaux - Dan Urban
Champagne Pearl - Dan Urban
TJ - Dan Urban
Astro Boy - Dannee Urban
Private Prospect - The Girls!


DanCrusherSummerGPThanks to all our clients who came along with us to Mason City!  What a fantastic turnout!Lord4thinSummerGP

A SPECIAL THANKS, goes out to our very helpful working students.  Taylor Caniglia, Kyla DeLuca, Kari Fossum, and Mikayla Schmidt were extermely helpful!!  Katey Kozeny lended a very helpful hand as well! Thank you ladies!!  We could not have done it without you.  





Each and every rider combination had some fantastic things througout the 2 weeks.  Here are some of the highlights:



Julia Arechavaleta: With her horse Breckenridge, Julia rode to victory in the 1.05m Jumpers during Week 1, and moved up for Week 2 to the 1.15m High Child/Adult Jumpers where she found a 3rd place finish in one class, and a 5th place finish in the Classic.  

Paige Bergholz:  Paige joined us for Week 2, and highlighted her week with a WIN in the 1.15m Speed Class!

Taylor Caniglia:  Claimed 1st place in a Modified Intermediate Equitation Class during Week 1, and won 2 in a.85m Jumper Classes with Ariel.  She also took home a white ribbon on Quail Run's Private Prospect in the .90m Jumper Speed Class.

Kyla DeLuca:  Aboard her mother's horse Fiorella, Kyla DeLuca found herself in the winners circle in several Modified Intermediate Equitation classes, as well as a Children's Hunter round during Week 1.  This is especially impressive since it was Kyla's first time showing Fiorella as well as her first time at 3' with the horse.  During Week 2, the pair also claimed a win in a 12-14 Equitaiton Over Fences class!

Kari Fossum:  With her own Dancing Solo, Kari rode to a 2nd place finish in the INHJA Medal class during Week 1, only to be bested the next week with a WIN in the class!  Kari and Solo saw Blue again in a Children's Hunter round and the .90m Jumper Speed class.  

Nicole Hasstedt:  Nicole joined the Quail Run team this week with an old Quail Run friend Dolce Vita.  The two placed in every class they participated in, and crowned the week with a 3rd place finish in the High Child/Adult Jumper Classic.  

Katey Kozeny:  Katey continued her streak with her horse Izzora during Week 1 of competition with a 4th place finish in the 1.35m Welcome Stake, and a 2nd place finish in the $20,000 Mid States Grand Prix.  During Week 2, Katey claimed a couple of 4th place finishes in the Low Jr/AO Jumpers with Lord 954.  Izzy also claimed the 11th place finish in the 2nd weeks Grand Prix.  

Tasha Lodwig:  Tasha joined the Quail Run team for the second week with her awesome horse Mr. Al Capone.  The team rode to victory twice in the Amateur/Owner Hunters.  One of those was the combined Junior and Amateur/Owner Hunter Classic!

Sally Peyton:  Sally joined us in Mason City during Week 1 with her awesome horse Invictus.  The team rode to several placings, which included a 2nd place finish in the .85m Jumpers!

Mikayla Schmidt:  Mikayla and her new horse Cordelio found themselves in the ribbons in nearly every class they participated in during Week 1.  This included a first place finish in the Open 1.10m Jumpers and the 1.10m Progressive Child/Adult Jumpers.  Mikayla also had an impressive 10th place finish in the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby aboard Quail Run's Private Prospect.  During Week 2, Mikayla once again saw Blue in 2 Open 1.10m classes!

Dr. Margeret Block-West:  With her horse Aldo Rey, Margaret gained valuable experience with her horse and claimed several ribbons, that included 2 3rd place finishes in the Adult Amateur division.

Patrice Urban:  After some time off from the saddle, Patrice made her return to the 3'6" Hunters by competing in the Amateur/Owner Hunters with her own Cousteaux.  The team claimed several placings, but this show Pink was their favorite color. 

Dannee Urban:  Dannee was VERY busy during the 2 weeks of competition.  Most notably she claimed the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 11th place ribbons in the $20,000 Grand Prix during Week 1.  Then during Week 2, she found the 4th, 6th, and 12th placings in the Prix, but also claimed 2nd in the UEE Poise and Brilliance class aboard Margaret Block's Aldo Rey.

Dan Urban:  Dan was also a busy individual.  He claimed a 7th place finish in both the Welcome Stake and the Prix with Katey Kozeny's Lord 954.  Dan also had a clean sweep of the 1st year green/high performance hunter division with Patrice Urban's Cousteaux.  During Week 2, Dan and Cousteaux claimed the top position in the UEE Poise and Brilliance Hunter Classic. 


Summer in the Rockies



 Almost without taking a breath, the Quail Run team wrapped up the two excellent weeks in Mason City, IA and headed West towards the Rocky Mountains for the Colorado Horse Park.  There the crew would participate in a total of 3 weeks of competition.  We always have a blast out in CO and this year was no exception.  Admist the competition and the success our riders experienced, we also were able to have a bit of fun!


Here some of the QR team got to have a trail ride on the CHP cross country course during a slow day at the horse show.

Successes at the show included:

  • A 10th Place finish in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby for Dan Urban and Cousteaux
  • Dannee Urban laying down excellent rounds in the 1.30m Open Jumpers with Lafter.
  • Hannah DeLano claiming several wins aboard Kryptonite in the Modified Junior/AO Jumpers.  This included a win in the MoJAM classic during the last week we were in attendance. 
  • Grace Mortenson also claimed the 4th place finish aboard Second Wind in the same MoJAM Classic.
  • Katey Kozeny and Izzora ended up Co-Champion with barn mate and bestie Hannah DeLano (with Lord) in the Low Junior/AO Jumpers.  
  • Patrice Urban laid down some competitive rounds in a highly challenging Amateur Owner division.  
  • Lisa Picker joined us at the show with her own Salto and the pair put in some nice trips, and all at the canter!  


We love going to the Summer in the Rockies series, and we hope to return next year!






Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 26, 2014


It was a gorgeous Fall at Quail Run!

Beautiful sunny and uncharacteristically warm days allowed for lots of outdoor ride time, trail rides, the best riding weather one could ask for. 

Today, however, the temperature has dropped along with all the fabulous Fall colors, and although we will have very few outdoor riding days for a while, we at Quail Run still have much to be thankful for!

  • We are thankful for our faithful companions: our horses!
  • We are thankful for an insulated indoor riding arena, so that we may continue to ride during these harsher months. 
  • We are thankful for the opportunity to travel to quality facilities to horse show year round.  Like heading to THE NATIONAL EQUESTRIAN CENTER in Lake St. Louis, MO.  The Quail Run team recently traveled to the St. Louis area to attend the first installment of the shows hosted by QUEENIE PRODUCTIONS.  There Quail Run had lots of success which included a Championship in the combined Low and High Jr/AO jumpers by Chloe Heng and her horse "Motley Blue".  CONGRATULATIONS CHLOE!!!


    Congratulations are also in order for Elaine Wilwerding on the purchase of her new horse Will!!  CONGRATULATIONS ELAINE!!


    Also joining us in St. Louis for her first big "A" show was Kari Fossum and her horse "Dancing Solo".  We know that they had a blast!


    The QR team will again be returning to the St. Louis area for the St. Louis Winter Festival II show taking place DEC 10-14, 2014.

  • We are thankful for the opportunity to do really fun activities with our horses!  Like doing some jumping demos at the NE Horse Expo. 

    On Friday night of the expo, some members of the Quail Run team participated in a 3-bar demo.  We had Dannee Risler and "Kryptonite", Dan Urban and "Crusher", Katey Kozeny and "Izzy", and Chloe Heng and "Motley Blue".  The four riders came through the grid several times ending up at a height of 1.60m!!!!  Dan and Katey cleared this height to end in a tie, but Dan conceded the victory to Katey.

    On Saturday night the team came back in force for a Puissance demo.  The same four riders from Friday were present, but they were also joined by Hannah DeLano and "Byacinthe" as well as several eager helpers! 


To make a long story short, we at QR are a bit sad that the lovely Fall weather has left us, but it must be noted that we are a lucky bunch of equine enthusiasts and we have A LOT to be thankful for!



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