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A Fond Farewell and Summer Camp!

September 18, 2013

LadiesHalloweenHello Quail Run Friends!

This certainly has been an epic year for Quail Run. 

  • We have had the hustle and bustle of facility construction throughout the year as new competition facility takes shape. 
  • We have had countless successes in the show ring throughout the Summer season.
  • Two excellent Summer Camps were held.
  • We gave a very bittersweet, fond farewell, to our beloved trainer and friend Kelly Parisi.

A Fond Farewell for trainer Kelly Parisi

KellyAnnickPadIt never mattered what the weather was like outside, there was always a bright and sunny attitude in the air at Quail Run when Kelly Parisi was there.  It could be snowing and biting cold, or blazing hot in the summer and Kelly always had a smile on her face to brighten up the day.  The horses loved her and her students loved her even more!  Kelly did an excellent job with the school program and sparked an equestrian interest in many young, and also young at heart, students during her tenure at Quail Run.  Many of these students have made tremendous progress under Kelly's tutelage and are well on their way to becoming future champions!

Kelly and her family have relocated to Sarasota, FL where they will begin the next chapter in their life.  Though her story continues, we at Quail Run will never forget the fond memories at Quail Run with Kelly.  Trainers Dan Urban and Dannee Risler are particulary thankful for Kelly's dedication, much needed assistance, and probably most of all her companionship while she was with us!  Good luck in your new endeavors Kelly, and know that you are sorely missed!!  ...and of course WELCOME BACK AT ANYTIME!!


Quail Run Summer Camps

One of the last things that Kelly touched at Quail Run was the lives of several young and enthusiastic future horsemen and women.  Our first Summer Camp of 2013 was organized and coached by Kelly before she left for FL.  5 days of horsemanship, riding, arts and crafts, and fun and games were had by several young equestrians. 


The second camp of the year was a joint effort between trainers Jim Urban, Dannee Risler, and our amazing volunteer Christy Drake.  Another week of learning and fun was held in tribute to Kelly!!