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Buddy Clinic Recap

December 10, 2014

The 2014 Buddy Brown Clinic at Quail Run is in the books!

Buddy helps Dannee Risler and "Kryptonite"
Thanks to Gail Dwyer and DWYER PHOTOGRAPHY for the awesome photos!

This was Buddy's 5th year returning to Quail Run for a clinic, and it was another great one! 

Buddy focuses on teaching the riders the position and tools necessary to influence their horse's stride length and balance in order to handle the challenges that are presented to each horse and rider combination on course. 

Day 1 included learning and applying these ideas in the flatwork and over poles on the ground.  Lots of changes in stride length and tempo, bend changes with emphasis on haunches in, and some more advanced lateral movements like the half pass helped to improve balance and control.  During the changes in stride length it was crucial that one could adjust their position to match the goals of influencing the horse's balance. 

Left: Chloe Heng and "Motley Blue".  Right: Dan Urban and "Colonel Crusher".

Day 2 expanded on these ideas as we started incorporating jumps.  Much of the jumping was done over small fences with an intense focus on all the little details.  The track is paramount, and good tracking comes from mastering position, balance, and control.  With this in mind riders were presented with bending lines and obstacles that came up quickly.  The landing is just as important as the take off.

As we entered Day 3, the riders were able to apply what they had learned and practiced the previous days by tackling a more complete course.  Without the necessary tools from the previous days, the course would have been difficult, as it included roll backs, bending lines, and obstacles in challenging locations. 

Left: Taylor Caniglia and "Ariel".  Middle: Buddy helping Kari Fossum aboard "Dancing Solo".  Right: Kyla DeLuca and "Sweet Onya"

This year the clinic added a special treat!

Recently Buddy worked with an author to help produce a book about Buddy's legendary mount "Sandsablaze".  We are Quail Run were fortunate enough to have Buddy to a reading and a book signing! 


It was a casual evening with delicious food and great story telling, as Buddy read excerpts from the book and recounted stories of his journey and experiences with this special horse!


All in all it was a fabulous weekend with this living legend in our industry!  Buddy is always so dedicated to teaching his system and working with riders of all levels to help them be as successful as possible in the show ring.  We love having him come to Nebraska and brave the cold in December to share his knowledge and expertise with us!  Look for another great clinic with Buddy Brown in 2015!


Clinic Season Continues!

Join us at Quail Run in the New Year for another fabulous clinic:

Jan 2-4, 2014

Nick is a well known and very successful trainer from the Minnesota area.  He has ridden to numerous GP wins, many aboard the late, great "Malone".
Nick has coached numerous students to Medal Finals, Indoors, and has had wins in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation.  This is a great clinic for everyone to participate it.

Want to participate unmounted?  Then join us at QR to audit this clinic.