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Summer Show Season Begins!

horseheadMaffitt"A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose in the open." -Gerald Raferty

Anyone who owns a horse knows this quote to be true.  There is certainly nothing like the feeling of jumping around a beautiful course on a beautiful day out in the open, or galloping full tilt in an empty field.  Just this last May, riders with Quail Run got to experience this wonderful feeling as we kicked off our Summer showing season with two weeks at the Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center in Des Moines, IA.  It was nice to be back in the show ring, and the Hott Horse Shows staff did a wonderful job of providing the best horse show possible. 

The only thing that didn't want to cooperate was the weather.  Many of the show days were accompanied with copious amounts of rain, and on some days a chilling wind.  However, as most horse people know, that doesn't stop us from showing.  Katie and Hannah DeLano both brought a few of their horses up to play, Gita Deonarain was happy to make it to her first show of the year aboard her horse Tiger, Emily Adams made an appearance with her pony Vicky, and Quail Run brought several of their own horses. 

The DeLano girls both had a wonderful week!  Katie was riding her newly leased mount Ioupi des Cerisy in their first competition together, and found success.  Moving up to the Modified Jr/AO's by they end of the show they are excited about what the rest of the summer has to offer.  Hannah DeLano aboard her new mount Venti gained valuable experience at their first show together.  The new team had great results in the jumper ring, and also dabbled in a few equitation classes.  Good luck to them in the future! 

Gita and Tiger had a great show in the hunter ring, and Emily and Vicky had lots of fun learning about what it is like to horse show.  Tiger was reserve champion earlier in the week with rider Dannee Risler, and continued his hot streak placing well in the Children's Hunters with owner/rider Gita. Emily and Vicky in their first "A" rated show did amazing.  Placing well in several of her hunter classes and even getting brave enough to do a jumper class in the pouring rain.  We hope Emily will be joining us at many future shows. 

The Quail Run team also did quite well.  Patrice Urban aboard her mount Cousteaux made their return this year to the show ring in the Amateur Owner Hunters placing very well, and even winning a class.  Good to see you back in the ring Patrice!  Indian Summer attended his first horse show since the Colorado Summer shows last year in Parker, CO.  Stepping up this year to the 1.15m jumpers, Indian Summer is showing promise for this summer.  Private Prospect was jumping well in the 1.25m jumpers.  Working on his style and technique and gaining valuable mileage, we at Quail Run are very excited for his potential for the rest of the season.  After a year of time off, Wish Me Well made her return to the show ring this spring.  Stepping right up to the 1.25m level, Wish Me Well showed tremendous heart and displayed her enthusiasm for being back in the ring.  She will be ready to step back up to the Open Jumper level later this year.  Rider Dan Urban is extremely happy with her. 

All in all if felt great to experience the freedom that one gets while showing outside with an animal that so loves freedom!

Coming up next on the schedule is a week in Mason City, IA, June 15-19.  Then on to Parker, CO for July!

Enjoy the freedom a horse offers you, and make sure they enjoy it too!