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Buddy Brown Returns To Quail Run!

BuddyBrownKilkennyRandallZOctober 15, 2012

A Clinic with Buddy Brown

The Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. is pleased to announce the return of renowned horseman Buddy Brown for his fourth year of Hunter/Jumper clinics with us!

Buddy is a living legend in the industry.  He has represented the United States on many occasions including the Pan American Games, the Olympic Games, and several Nations Cup teams.  In addition he is a prominent clinician and sought after course designer. Along with his wife, Vanessa Tuss Brown, they operate a highly successful Hunter/Jumper operation in California.  There they produce top quality, nationally recognized Hunters and Jumpers. 

Throughout his enviable career, Buddy has worked with some of the top names in our industry.  These include George Morris, who helped him secure a win in the AHSA Hunt Seat Medal Finals, Bertalan de Nemethy, who was an inspiration to so many including Mr. Morris, and an impressive list of others that includes Rodney Jenkins, Frank Chapot, Joe Fargis, Anthony D'Ambrosio, and Michael Matz. 

For more information please visit Buddy and Vanessa's website: DERBY HILL FARM

Buddy will be returning to our facility November 30 - December 2, 2012


Buddy is very passionate about the horses and his teaching which is why you don't want to miss this excellent opportunity.  Since his teaching and training is based on classical techniques rooted in good flatwork, Buddy requests that if you are only able to participate in 1 session, that it be Friday.  If you are only able to participate in 2 sessions, that it is Friday and Saturday.  We at Quail Run highly encourage participating in all 3 days of the clinic.

This clinic is sure to fill quickly, so be sure to contact a Quail Run professional if you are interested in paricipating, ASAP!!


Be sure to send in your check to secure your spot for the clinic!


Quail Run's Second "A" Rated Show!

Stirrup2September 8, 2012

The End of Summer at Quail Run took place at the Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. from August 29 - September 2, 2012.  This was the second USEF "A" rated horse show to be held at the Quail Run facility. 

After several weeks of planning and prepping the Quail Run facility began to shape itself into a showgrounds.  In the weeks before the show we saw heavy equipment, such as road graders and a large flat roller, truckloads of materials coming back and forth, tents being set up, and an overall bustle of activity in preparation for the competition.  The biggest change to be seen on the property was the transformation of the old outdoor ring into a wonderfully usable all weather competition surface.  Mother nature threw a kink in the plans and delayed the construction for a day or two, but in the end the ring was completed just in time to see schooling on Wednesday night, before competition kicked off in the outdoor ring on Thursday. 

PathtoOutdoor2JmpRing4This second show, managed my Jim Urban of Elkhorn, NE had a 5 day hunter schedule (Wed - Sun), and a 4 day Jumper schedule (Thur - Sun).  Judging the Hunter and Equitation was Bobby Dreyer of Louisville, KY, and joining us in the Jumper ring, judging Jumpers and Equitation, was Carol Dean-Porter of Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  Joining us as steward and representing the UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION (USEF) was June Watkins of McPherson, KS.  Designing the courses in both rings was Jim Urban of Elkhorn, NE.

The schedule for the show worked out nicely since the Hunters started a day earlier than the Jumpers.  On Wednesday, with only the Hunter schedule to complete, nobody was rushed and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time showing their hunters.  The day ended at a very JudgeBoothGitaDTripp3reasonable time, giving everyone the extra chance to school if necessary, or to head home and be rested for Thursday's competition.  This show saw an increase in the amount of entries from the Beginning of Summer at Quail Run show, but it was just the right amount.  The number of entries afforded both rings to start a bit later than the posted 8:00am start and afforded the trainers the opportunity to attend both rings without too many conflicts. The light schedule at the beginning of the week allowed for everyone to be able to attend a Pizza Party of Friday evening, hosted by the horse show. with pizza from the delicious Dante Pizzeria in Omaha. 

The traffic around the facility began to pick up on Saturday and Sunday as all the juniors, families, and friends came to the see the spectacle.  One of the most exciting things to watch, and certainly a EmilyGSteely2HntFencefitting finale for the show, were the opportunity classes.  A chance for all those future top competitors to gain valuable experience in the show ring.  Check out these pictures!



The Quail Run staff would like to thank everyone who came out and attended our show in any capacity.  Exhibitors, trainers, coaches, parents, grooms, brothers, sisters, friends and anyone else who set foot on the property that week!  It means a lot to us to see each and every one of you there, and we certainly couldn't continue without you! 

QRribbonsA very special thanks to our crew:  Tom Urban (facility manager, tractors/equipment, crew, etc.), Mikey Urban (crew manager, assistant facility manager, tractors/equipment, etc.) Matt Stewart (crew, Jumper In Gate), Chris Rathfon (crew, Hunter In Gate), Tim Creamer aka "Junior" (crew), TJ Feldhaus (crew), Andrew Stickman (crew), Theresa Heye (Horse Show Secretary), Michael Dwyer (EMT), the Nebraska Equine Veterinary Clinic and Kim Houlding (Horse Show Veterinarians), and Mike Blose (Horse Show Farrier)

A very very special thanks to all our Volunteers!!  Especially Gail Dwyer and Karen Jordan.  You ladies are awesome!

A very delicious thank you to the Ponca Pony Club for providing the concessions!

Last but certainly not least is a big thanks to Jim and Patrice Urban for the tireless effort and hard work and of course use of this wonderful facility!

As this show comes to an end we look forward to the next year with the plans to continually upgrade the show facility and to host several more weeks of competition this next season.  We very much hope that you will come back and join us showing at the Quail Run Horse Centre!!

Thanks again everyone!


Quail Run Horse Show!!!

DanJacques_-_2011August 4, 2012

The Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. is proud to present:


August 29-September 2, 2012

Come on out and join us for our second horse show!  Beginning Wednesday August 29th and running through Sunday September 2nd, the Quail Run Horse Centre will play host for its second show of the calendar year. The END OF SUMMER AT QUAIL RUN will be USEF Rated "A", will have a USEF Jumper Rating of 1, and will be INHJA recognized.

The horse show manager will be:  Jim Urban - Elkhorn, NE

Judging Hunters and Equitation will be:  Bobby Dreyer - Louisville, KY

Judging Jumpers and Equitation will be:  Carol Dean-Porter - Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Representing the UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION and acting as horse show steward:  June Watkins - McPherson, KS

The course designer for the week will be:  Jim Urban - Elkhorn, NE

The horse show is offering:

DanneeWhirlyHunter Divisions:

$500 Green Working Hunter Division
$750 High Performance Working Hunter Division
$500 Performance Working Hunter Division - 3;3" & 3'6"
$500 Amatuer Owner Working Hunter Division - 3'3" & 3'6"
$500 Junior Working Hunter Division
$400 Pony Hunter Division
$250 Pre-Green Hunter Division - 3' & 3'3"

Jumper Divisions:

DanChevyCHP12$400 1.20m Jumper Division
$600 1.25m Jumper Division
$1200 1.30m Jumper Division
$400 High Child/Adult Jumper Division
$550 Low Junior Amateur Jumper Division
$700 Medium Junior Amateur Jumper Division
$1100 High Junior Amateur Jumper Division


HannahVenti5INHJA Medal
INHJA Mini-Medal
Washington Hunter Medal
Washington Jumper Medal
ASPCA Horsemanship
Pessoa USEF Medal/
USEF Talent Search
USEF Pony Medal

After the success of the Beginning of Summer at Quail Run show, this show should prove to be just as fun!  We've made some additions and are geared up to run 2 rings at this upcoming show.  One ring will be designated the Hunter ring, and the other used for the Jumpers.  The Hunter schedule will run the full 5 day schedule, with the Jumper schedule begining on Thursday. 

We are very excited to get under way this next show and we hope to see you there!

You can locate all the pertinent info for the END OF SUMMER AT QUAIL RUN below:




***If you have trouble viewing the above .pdf files, please try to zoom in, and then back out on your .pdf viewer.  Sometimes this helps.



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