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What's the USHJA Outreach program?


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What is the USHJA Outreach Program?


Greetings fellow equestrians!  

The Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. and Urban Equine Events, LLC are very pleased to announce the offering of USHJA Outreach shows at our events in 2017.  What is an Outreach show you might ask?  It is an excellent way to expand the base of our sport and encourage more riding enthusiasts to participate in a competitive enviroment.  The USHJA has created this program to bridge the gap that exists between the unrated shows and the rated circuits, and to provide "members at any level of membership with an opportunity to earn national recognition in classes from walk/trot/canter to 3'0" hunter, jumper and medal competition at various types of competition. The program is designed to celebrate riders as they advance through the competitive experience." -ushja.org.  

The types of classes offered range from walk/trot/canter classes to 3'0" hunter, jumper, and medal classes.  

Here are some cool facts:

  • You do not need to be a member of the USHJA in order to compete!*
  • Your horse does not need to be recorded with the USHJA in order to compete!
  • You can earn points and National recognition for competing in USHJA Outreach classes!*

*You MUST be a member of the USHJA at the minimum level of Outreach membership ($35/year) to earn national points and to compete in the Outreach Medal classes.  


Here is a list of classes offered by the USHJA Outreach Program.  NOTE: Not all classes held at all QR and UEE shows.  Please refer to the show schedule.  

Outreach Hunter Classes

  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 18" or Crossrail
  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 2'0"
  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 2'6"
  • USHJA Outreach Hunters Derby

Outreach Jumper Classes

  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'3" (.70m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'6" (.75m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2'9" (.85m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 3'0" (.90m)

Outreach Medal Classes

  • USHJA Outreach Walk/Trot/Canter Medal Class
  • USHJA Outreach 2'0" Medal Class
  • USHJA Outreach 2'6" Medal Class

For more information about the USHJA Outreach program and all the specifications, please visit the USHJA website: http://www.ushja.org/programs/affiliate/aff_competitions.aspx


Quail Run and UEE are very excited about offering these opportunities at our shows with the hopes of growing the base of our sport and encouraging more riders to take advantage of what rated shows have to offer.  Better footing, better officials, better jumps, and an overall improved experience.  Additionally, both QR and UEE have teamed up with the Omaha Equestrian Foundation (PRODUCERS OF THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL FEI WORLD CUP FINALS!!) and their mission of growing the sport both for exhibitors and spectators in the Midwest.  Check out the following letter that is included in the UEE Prize List.

Outreach Schooling Letter 3.21.17 page 001


Quail Run and UEE welcome you to join us at all our events in 2017!!





QR hosts an EAP Regional Clinic with Candice King!


Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc
proudly presents a



USHJA Emerging Athlete's Program

Regional Training Session

June 26-30, 2016


with International Competitor

Candice King


13 Nations Cup Appearances

Top placings in numerous CSIO5* events

USHJA Certified Trainer and EAP/TCP Approved Clinician


"The adventure begins...
Each year, hundreds of young riders apply to the Emerging Athlete's Program in hopes of furthering their education, not only as riders, but as complete horsemen.  The EAP was created specifically to provide opportunities for those young riders to advance their education, as they strive to become knowledgeable horsemen within the hunter/jumper community, which may or may not include a careen in the horse industry."

Advance your skills, riding, horsemanship, and stable management!
PLUS! Earn a spot in the EAP National Training Session and a chance at the George Morris Horsemastership Clinic held in Wellington, FL!

Join us at Quail Run for the excellent educational opportunity!

Am I eligible?

Riders wishing to participate in the EAP Regional Training Session must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a current member of the USHJA and in good standing. 
  • Must be able to display proficiency in completing jumper style courses set at 1.10m or higher. 
  • May not have competed in classes over 1.35m in height prior to March 1st of the current competition year. 
  • May not have competed in an FEI Championship for Jumping, including the North American Junior Young Rider Championships.
  • Must not have reached their 21st birthday before December 1, 2015.
  • Must take the LEVEL 1: USHJA HORSEMANSHIP QUIZ CHALLENGE and pass with an 80% or higher. 

How do I apply?

Riders wishing to participate in the EAP Regional Training Session must complete the following application process:

  • Scroll down and find the Emerging Athlete's Program Section.  Click on "The EAP Regional Training Session Application".  DEADLINE IS MAY 11, 2016!!!

    Part of the application includes submitting a video link (no more than 120 seconds) displaying their proficiency of completing a jumper style course set at 1.10m or higher.  Preferably these videos are from a competition.  Applicants are also encouraged to submit results and/or documentation of their achievements in jumper classes set at 1.10m or higher.  DO NOT send photos, DVD's, or videos other than the video described above.
  • Submit the completed application and the $50 Application Fee to the USHJA.
  • Find three individuals to complete letters of recommendation for you.  The recommendations must be completed on an Official EAP Recommendation Form and then must be submitted directly to the USHJA by the individuals that completed them.   

    One of the letters must be from a current trainer, or a trainer who has knowledge of the rider's abilities, describing in detail the applicant's experience and capabilities. 

    The remaining two recommendations must be from adults in the hunter/jumper industry (i.e. trainers, veterinarians, farriers, etc) who have a working knowledge of the applicant's riding and horsemanship abilities. 
  • Complete the LEVEL 1: USHJA HORSEMANSHIP QUIZ CHALLENGE and pass with an 80% or higher.



MAY 11, 2016

Additional Specifications

  • Riders may only apply to one Regional Training Session each EAP qualifying year.
  • All riders who applied to or participated in the EAP in the past years are encouraged to apply to the current year, provided they meet the program's eligibility requirements.
  • Riders are expected to supply the horse they ride in the Regional Clinic, and the horse should be comfortable jumping a course at 1.10m.

What happens when I get accepted?

  • Upon acceptance into the Regional Training Session, riders are sent a letter of intent, Regional Host Facility Information, a rider emergency contact information form, a liability waiver, and a schedule of events for the Regional Training Session via email. 
  • To reserve each rider's place in the program, the signed letter of intent, liability waiver, emergency contact form, biography, and $550 Regional Training Session fee (made payable to the USHJA) must be received in the USHJA office no later than 14 days after the notification is sent. 
  • It is the rider's responsibility to contact the Regional Host Facility for stall reservations and fees.  Note that the stall fees are separate from the Regional Training Session fee and are payable to the Regional Host Facility.  For more information regarding specific requirements at Quail Run please contact Dan Urban at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Check with a Zone 6 Jumper representative for possible grants to reimburse you for EAP expenses!  For more information contact Dan Urban at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you for your interest and support of the EAP!


brought to you by

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Buddy Clinic Recap

December 10, 2014

The 2014 Buddy Brown Clinic at Quail Run is in the books!

Buddy helps Dannee Risler and "Kryptonite"
Thanks to Gail Dwyer and DWYER PHOTOGRAPHY for the awesome photos!

This was Buddy's 5th year returning to Quail Run for a clinic, and it was another great one! 

Buddy focuses on teaching the riders the position and tools necessary to influence their horse's stride length and balance in order to handle the challenges that are presented to each horse and rider combination on course. 

Day 1 included learning and applying these ideas in the flatwork and over poles on the ground.  Lots of changes in stride length and tempo, bend changes with emphasis on haunches in, and some more advanced lateral movements like the half pass helped to improve balance and control.  During the changes in stride length it was crucial that one could adjust their position to match the goals of influencing the horse's balance. 

Left: Chloe Heng and "Motley Blue".  Right: Dan Urban and "Colonel Crusher".

Day 2 expanded on these ideas as we started incorporating jumps.  Much of the jumping was done over small fences with an intense focus on all the little details.  The track is paramount, and good tracking comes from mastering position, balance, and control.  With this in mind riders were presented with bending lines and obstacles that came up quickly.  The landing is just as important as the take off.

As we entered Day 3, the riders were able to apply what they had learned and practiced the previous days by tackling a more complete course.  Without the necessary tools from the previous days, the course would have been difficult, as it included roll backs, bending lines, and obstacles in challenging locations. 

Left: Taylor Caniglia and "Ariel".  Middle: Buddy helping Kari Fossum aboard "Dancing Solo".  Right: Kyla DeLuca and "Sweet Onya"

This year the clinic added a special treat!

Recently Buddy worked with an author to help produce a book about Buddy's legendary mount "Sandsablaze".  We are Quail Run were fortunate enough to have Buddy to a reading and a book signing! 


It was a casual evening with delicious food and great story telling, as Buddy read excerpts from the book and recounted stories of his journey and experiences with this special horse!


All in all it was a fabulous weekend with this living legend in our industry!  Buddy is always so dedicated to teaching his system and working with riders of all levels to help them be as successful as possible in the show ring.  We love having him come to Nebraska and brave the cold in December to share his knowledge and expertise with us!  Look for another great clinic with Buddy Brown in 2015!


Clinic Season Continues!

Join us at Quail Run in the New Year for another fabulous clinic:

Jan 2-4, 2014

Nick is a well known and very successful trainer from the Minnesota area.  He has ridden to numerous GP wins, many aboard the late, great "Malone".
Nick has coached numerous students to Medal Finals, Indoors, and has had wins in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation.  This is a great clinic for everyone to participate it.

Want to participate unmounted?  Then join us at QR to audit this clinic.


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